Saint-Gobain and MicroShade to join EQUA's new software

The Swedish company EQUA is releasing a new version of its Early Stage Building Optimization software ESBO. The new version that focuses on glazing and solar shading now includes product data from world leading manufacturers Saint-Gobain and MicroShade.

The Swedish company EQUA is releasing version 2.2 of its building design optimization tool ESBO (Early Stage Building Optimization).
The new version, that now supports spectral calculations, will start a new era for the glazing and solar shading industries. Properties of the combined glazing and shading system are dynamically simulated for each wavelength interval. This gives higher accuracy, and makes it possible to correctly evaluate also modern spectrally selective systems. Spectral data that is uploaded by manufacturers is immediately synchronized with user databases. The first glazing manufacturer to join and add their products is Saint-Gobain Glass (
"ESBO has really made an impression on us", says Oskar Storm, Technical Specifications Manager Scandinavia for Saint-Gobain Glass. "It will give our customers the possibility to evaluate the true potential of our products. It has even showed us new sides of our own products and helped us see the bigger picture."
The new ESBO version also introduces three new types of shading devices: micro lamellas (shading dependent on two angles), venetian blinds between panes, and screens between panes. The Danish clean tech company MicroShade ( are first to upload a micro lamella product.
Other features included in the new version are a new simulation type for overheating studies, which makes it possible to automatically find the worst day for rooms without mechanical cooling, and also a new air handling unit with an enthalpy wheel heat exchanger. 

Stockholm, Sweden
6 July 2017

6 July 2016