Daylight, solar heat protection and view out in buildings is the key element in the well-being and work efficiency of people.

The façade is where these elements need to be managed. The façade and especially the solar shading solution determine the work environment and operating cost for the lifetime of a building and challenges the way we build, at what cost, and how we can thrive in buildings.

Finding a climate-friendly shading solution is essential to developing a more sustainable building sector.

MicroShade® is a micro-structured film installed inside the glazing and provides efficient shading, while at the same time ensuring plenty of daylight and a clear view to the outside. This leads to energy savings, increased well-being and work productivity.

We have combined in-depth engineering know-how, design simplicity and functionality in a high-quality product that reduces carbon emissions compared to other shading solutions and contributes to creating sustainable buildings designed for the future.


MicroShade A/S Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), is verified, and gives insights into the life-cycle of our product. The EPD can be found in EPD Denmark Database or as a download under the tab 'Sustainability'. Futhermore, we are actively working on comprehensive documentation packages tailored for the most prominent building certification schemes, including DGNB, BREEAM, and LEED. You can access these packages under 'Sustainability'.

Environmental impact

Reduces the CO2 footprint in the construction phase by only requiring 0,24 kg/m2 in material use.6

No extra installation requirements as it is built into the glazing as a passive solution.

Reduces the CO2 footprint in the operation phase by providing effective shading that minimizes the use of cooling.7

Zero operation and maintenance cost. 7


Social impact

Provides efficient shading, creating a good indoor environment with pleasant temperatures and a limited amount of direct solar beam. 7

Reduces glare8 whilst allowing natural daylight.

Allows for a clear view out at all times, leaving an unobstructed view.

The above-mentioned factors lead to increased well-being and a better work environment.

Economic impact

Low total cost of ownership (TCO). 7

Low installation cost, requires no maintenance or operation costs.

Product lifetime aligned with that of the window.

6 MicroShade® EPD – Preliminary Results (2021)
7 Benefits from Using MicroShade® (2021)
8 MicroShade® Glare (2022)


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MicroShade® – Introduction

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What is SimShade® ?

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Akademiska Hus, Stockholm, says:

“MicroShade® provides us with both light and outlook, which we didn't have with our previous solar shading solution, an external screen. Previously, we had to fully close it when the sun was out, both because of the heat but also because the sun shone directly into the offices. In the summer, the sun's direct, penetrating rays are filtered out by MicroShade, allowing just light in. So we can see out of the window, rather than looking at a screen.

MicroShade® has opened up the room - much to our delight,” says Anders Blomquist, Infrastructure Manager, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The building, leased by KTH, is owned by Akademiska Hus.

(This is a comment provided about the previous version of MicroShade®. While it would also be true for MicroShade Film® - new statements will be published as the new product is rolled-out)

Malling School, Aarhus, says:

In the words of Architect Gorm Albertsen, responsible for schools and institutions in Aarhus Municipality: “Our own measurements confirm that the temperature from the sun has been significantly reduced using MicroShade®, in some cases from 30 down to 25.5 degrees. It used to be boiling hot in the sun and it could be difficult to read what was written on the board.

The problem's been solved and everyone's a lot more comfortable.”

(This is a comment provided about the previous version of MicroShade®. While it would also be true for MicroShade Film® - new statements will be published as the new product is rolled-out


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