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MicroShade® is the new green technology that solves the challenges of solar shading, providing an optimal indoor climate while maintaining natural daylight and view out.

Optimal Room Temperatures


Microshade® is designed to keep room temperatures comfortable in sun exposed conditions and create energy efficiency with an effective g-value of 8-15%. The breakthrough technology paves the way for more sustainable buildings where occupants thrive in stable, comfortable temperatures.


Plenty of Natural Daylight


MicroShade® is an almost invisible shading solution that leaves the heat out and ensures plenty of natural daylight (LT0 50-60%) with a pristine color rendering of Ra>95, promoting well-being and productivity.




Solar Shading with a View Out


MicroShade® redefines the solar shading industry by offering a passive solar shading solution that always allows for a clear view to the outside. With a View Class 4 standard the technology enables a scenic connection to nature and the outdoors all the while reducing energy consumption.


Reducing Footprints                              


MicroShade® decreases CO2-emissions during construction by utilizing minimal material resources in production. A newly confirmed environmental Product Declaration (EPD) demonstrates a low footprint of 14.69 kg CO2-eq/m2 effectively mitigate adverse effects and reduce carbon emissions in construction, all while maintaining low maintenance requirements.

Architectural Freedom


Microshade® empowers architects to unleash their creativity liberating them from the limitations of traditional external shading systems and fostering the development of iconic, eco-friendly structures. Additionally, Microshade is available in curved glass, offering even more design flexibility.



Low Cost of Ownership


Microshade® offers a cost-efficient solar shading solution with no running or maintenance costs. The technology is a long-term sustainability solution that improves the well-being of the tenants. This increases the overall value of the building significantly.




MicroShade® – Introduction

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In summary, Microshade® is a next generation solar shading solution designed to create a more responsible building industry by prioritizing sustainability, comfortable indoor environment, and cost-effectiveness. It allows full architectural freedom and building owners who invest in Microshade® not only contribute to a greener future but also position their properties as desirable, high-performing assets in the market.

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