MicroShade Sustainability Paper

MicroShade is a new green technology solving the challenges of solar shading with a low-carbon footprint, while ensuring people’s well-being and reducing the total cost of ownership.

The green transition in the building sector requires new circular business models, innovative materials and smart technologies that solve multiple problems while keeping up with new standards in the global economy.

When installed, MicroShade® has immediate effect, reflecting the energy from the sun by up to 92%, letting plenty of daylight in – while at the same time allowing an unobstructed view to the outside.

The sustainability impact of MicroShade is a least threefold:

Environmental impact:

Footprint in construction, build in solution, reduced cooling requirements, no operation or maintenance costs

Social Impact:

Good indoor environment with pleasant temperatures, natural daylight, clear view out – and consequently; increased well-being

Economic impact:

 Low cost of ownership, low installation cost, long product lifetime

The contribution of this passive and non-maintenance requiring solution also has a sustainability impact on energy consumption in a building, since the need for cooling is reduced significantly.

At MicroShade, we are proud of this achievement which our new product represents – and to underline the strong commitment to delivering true impact, we present the “MicroShade Sustainability Paper”.

02 November 2022