MicroShade on top of Copenhagen

Installing solar shading 85 metres up can actually be easy, with an excellent indoor climate and no maintenance as a result.

Traditional solar shading is difficult and costly to install on the outside of high buildings. The weather is unpredictable and the construction work complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way as experienced by architect Norman Foster and contractor Solstra when they chose MicroShade solar shading for Copenhagen Towers.

MicroShade is far easier to install at a height of 85 metres than traditional external solar shading. MicroShade is inlaid in the window, which is installed just like a standard window. It’s not dependent on the weather or other conditions which can delay construction.

The design and construction stage is made simpler since there is no need to prepare separate construction drawings for the solar shading and its controls. The cost of special equipment or electrical installations is also avoided and there are no ongoing operating costs.

For Solstra Capital, MicroShade has simplified the building and operating stage. It is also a simple and effective way of achieving a vision of low energy consumption, maximum comfort, efficient use of area for the tenants and certification to the LEED model.

29 April 2016