MicroShade in new Sweco headquarter

In early October 2018, Sweco moved into its new headquarters in Ørestaden, where the focus of the project had been to create a modern and sustainable working environment.

The leading company in the field of architectural and engineering consulting had grown out of its old domicile and wanted to have a new one built. In 2016, Sweco signed with Skanska and KPC to handle the construction and for designing the building Holscher Nordberg Architecture and Planning was chosen.

After 2 years of construction the building was completed and Sweco could move in. The contractors were very satisfied with both the process and the result: "It has been a pleasure to work with an end-user who has not only focused on getting a modern building but also has put great emphasis on sustainability and participated in the process of choosing the technological solutions needed," says project manager at KPC, Finn Nørgaard.

The meeting point
The centrepiece of the overall design of the new building is the large atrium that provides a natural meeting point for employees and visitors alike. Therefore, from the outset, the architect wanted to ensure that the atrium had a bright and comfortable indoor climate, and since the facade is south facing, it required a solar shading solution that could also deliver the necessary reduction of the heat from the sun.

Thorough research was carried out, including a visit to Kopenhagen Fur, where they have a similar atrium installed with MicroShade. At Kopenhagen Fur the experiences with this solution were very positive; not only was it advantageous with regards to the design of the building that an external solar shading system could be avoided - it also meant a reduction of operating expenses on, among other things, maintenance. So the choice fell on MicroShade and at Holcher Nordberg, the design version called Barcode was chosen to cover almost 70% of the atrium facade area of ​​500 sqm.

With such a large facade to an atrium there would usually be a high risk of overheating and as a consequence also a higher need for cooling. However, with the chosen solution the heat from the sun has been reduced by 85% and has provided an indoor climate that supports the role of the atrium as the natural meeting point for employees, customers and partners.

The MicroShade solution, along with other sustainable technologies, has also contributed to the building having received a gold DGNB pre-certification, which means that the building is expected to meet the Green Building Council's focus on social, environmental and economic sustainability, thus contributing to creating a good workplace.

A dynamic workplace
"From the beginning, it has been our vision to create a dynamic working environment where you feel a buzz of activity as soon as you enter the building," says architect Mikkel Nordberg from Holscher Nordberg, and continues: "However, the atrium should not be exclusively for cooperation and interaction. It should also provide space where people can immerse themselves in their project - in short; a modern and flexible environment that provides optimal conditions for employees. I think that with Skanska / KPC and the customer we have succeeded in this."

Facts about Sweco's new headquarters:
• Number of square meters: 11,700 m2 + 4,000 m2 underground parking
• Owner: Skanska
• Contractor: KPC
• Consulting Engineer: Sweco
• Architect: Holscher Nordberg
• Year of construction: 2016 - 2018
• Number of employees: 784
• Address: Ørestads Boulevard 41, 2300 Copenhagen S

7 January 2019