Visit from the Minister of Taxation

Monday 24 January, Denmark’s Minister of Taxation paid a visit to MicroShade’s new facilities in Glostrup outside Copenhagen. It was the first stop on a planned inspirational tour where the Minister will see examples of innovation and investments in sustainable solutions can create jobs, growth and true environmental impact.

The Minister, Mr Morten Bødskov, was received by MicroShade’s CEO and the management team who presented the company and its new innovative product, MicroShade Film®. The solar shading solution is an advanced microstructure that reflects the sun's rays and keeps the heat out, while at the same time allowing plenty of natural daylight inside the building - as well as a clear view to the outside. The structure itself is placed inside the glazing in a pane and is fully transparent.

MicroShade A/S was established based on an ambitious ESG approach to managing solar shading in buildings. At its center is the responsibility that we have to ourselves and future generations to ensure low energy consumption, well-being of people through comfortable indoor climates and an optimized use of resources. With the imminent market launch of MicroShade Film® those objectives can be met. To give an example on the reduction of energy consumption; MicroShade will - based the business projection towards 2024 - reduce as much CO2 as 33,800 new (fossil-fueled) cars consume per year.

The new product has also been very well received by the market - not least in the main markets Germany and Norway. They have ambitious goals for future construction of buildings with regards to energy consumption and accountability toward employees. Architects and engineers are therefore looking for solutions like MicroShade Film®, as it not only addresses factual needs, but also provides freedom of design, as buildings can now have effective solar shading, no matter how they are built and placed.

“There are jobs and growth in energy-friendly solar shading. MicroShade A/S in Glostrup is at the forefront of new solutions that ensure both energy savings and a good indoor climate,” said Minster of Taxation, Mr Morten Bødskov in his conclusion of the visit at MicroShade.

25. January 2022