MicroShade success allows for new price reduction

MicroShade is pleased to announce, that together with our IGU partners, we are now able to reduce the current price level by approx. 15%. This price reduction is a result of increased market penetration, higher volume and new production partners.

Over the past years MicroShade has continuously been able to increase awareness of our unique solar shading solution in the building market. An ever-increasing number of architects, engineers and building owners have recognised the effectiveness and sustainability of MicroShade® as well as its obvious benefits to the indoor climate.

In parallel, MicroShade has been expanding its partnerships and production capabilities with Saint Gobain, Arnold Glas Group, NSG Pilkington, NJP Glas and Ventana, which has so far culminated in this price reduction becoming possible.

We are looking forward to continuing our mission to create good working environments and reduce energy consumption in modern buildings with large glass facades through the application of aesthetically appealing and maintenance-free solar shading.

30 April 2019