MicroShade receives international SME Star award

On Wednesday 17 October 2018, MicroShade received the SME Star International Award in the category for companies having achieved growth not only within Europe but also globally.

At the award ceremony, Member of the European Parliament for Romania, Iuliu Winkler, introduced the audience to the story and background of MicroShade and added that after having seen the MicroShade introduction video he would very much like to have the MicroShade solution installed in his offices in the European Parliament.

Although this was said on a humorous note we have all experienced the problem of sitting by a window trying to balance the use of different shading systems with the need for daylight.

CEO of MicroShade, Eik Bezzel, received the award in the international category commenting that the reason why MicroShade can be seen as an international company is that not only does the company employ people from many different countries – it also addresses a problem, which is global. It is not just in MicroShade’s European home market that people struggle with overheating in office spaces – the problem is global and this is why the solution is also sold as far away as in Singapore and Australia.

“It is a fact that too many buildings consume too much energy and that there are many problems with exterior shading solutions that also block the view,” said Eik Bezzel and continued: “Without better solar shading we will not achieve the goals we have set for the reduction of energy consumption in the future and nor will we achieve a better indoor climate in the workplace. This is why we invented MicroShade”.

The issue with achieving climate targets was seconded by Member of the European Parliament for Denmark, Bendt Bendtsen, who was proud to have been able to nominate a company that works within the field of energy efficiency, sustainability, innovation and improve indoor climate. 


NB: In June, MicroShade also received the Zia Innovation Award in Germany.
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18 October 2018