MicroShade nominated for international award

SME EUROPE (Small and Medium Entrepreneurs of Europe) has nominated MicroShade for the international award for 2017.

The award itself and the announcement ceremony recognize the efforts of SMEs in the EU. The nominees come from all over Europe and range across a wide spectrum of industry fields such as; digital technology, start-ups and finance.

The SME Board Members each select ten SMEs, one for each category and in the case of MicroShade we are honoured to have been selected by former minister and member of the European Parliament, Bendt Bendtsen.

A Committee panel consisting of honorary presidents and members will judge the nominees based on their attitude towards cross border cooperation/competition and of course whether the nature of their concept is deemed to have potential to be successful and make a positive impact on the EU economy.

At MicroShade, we look forward to hearing the judgment of the committee at the ceremony which is expected to take place sometime in 2018 and will bring an update when we (hopefully) bring home first prize in the draw for the international award.

1 November 2017