MicroShade Film® co-launched with Flachglas Markenkreis

In Germany the interest in MicroShade’s new product was impressive and more than 200 architects and advisors from Germany, Austria and Luxembourg had signed up for the online launch webinar hosted by Flachglas Markenkreis.

At the webinar, Mr Thomas Stukenkemper, Managing Director of Flachglas Markenkreis, made a short introduction of the organisation and why the new product InfraShade®/MicroShade Film® is something well-worth taking notice of. He then went on to presenting the panelists; Henrik Ask and Christian Lygum from MicroShade A/S - as well as Uwe Kramer, Managing Director of MN Architects, who gave some interesting insights into his experience with MicroShade products products from an architect's point of view.

The webinar was rounded off by a Q&A session where participants had the chance to get answers to their questions about MicroShade Film®

The recorded webinar is available here

30 August 2021