MicroShade at ZAK World of Façades

On 18 September, at the exclusive Titanic Chaussee in the centre of Berlin and within walking-distance of Museum Hamburger Bahnhof and Oranienburger Straße, leading European architects and façade specialist congregated for ZAK World of Façades to exchange views and ideas on the future of the industry.


Among the keynote speakers at the exclusive event was the CSO of MicroShade, Christian Lygum, who explained how future building regulations will impact the way we design and construct buildings. Also, Christian presented MicroShade’s vision for how to create better buildings in the future by focusing on improving daylight, indoor climate and solar protection – and the conditions on which these are compared to existing technologies.


With regards to the latter it was only natural to also touch on the fact that MicroShade recently launched a free online calculation tool called SimShade.

SimShade caters to the needs of architects, engineers, contractors, glass manufacturers and building owners alike and provides a holistic view of the impact, which individual choices of shading and glazing solutions make on the overall performance of the structure.


The presentation was well received by the audience and in the breaks between presentations there were many visitors to the MicroShade stand in the lobby. Here Christian Lygum along with MicroShade’s CEO, Eik Bezzel and sales executive, Henrik Ask, were able to engage in discussions about MicroShade and our view of the future for the industry.


At MicroShade we see our engagement in exhibitions and conferences as an important steppingstone in the positioning of the company and our message about the impact which daylight and good indoor climate has on the well-being of people inhabiting the buildings that are constructed. As such, we were happy to join ZAK World of Façades in Berlin and meet so many important influencers at this exclusive event.

7 October 2019