First program sheds light on the European Daylight Standard

Finally! The first daylight simulation program, which can calculate sDA (spatial Daylight Autonomy) based on daylight hours in accordance with the new European Daylight Standard (prEN17037) is here. It is called LightStanza.

LightStanza is a browser and cloud-based daylight simulation tool. It is the fastest Radiance-based tool on the market and can perform several types of daylight simulations, both annual (5-phase method) and specific point in time calculations.

The calculations can be performed with standard CIE sky conditions, with annual weather data chosen from the location or your own weather data in epw-format for proof of regulations.

“The great advantage of LightStanza is the fast simulation time and that multiple simulations can be performed simultaneously in the cloud, without having to install the program on your computer”, says Helle Foldbjerg, Technical Support Manager at MicroShade.

MicroShade® is implemented in the LightStanza software and can be selected in the materials library. Please see our guideline on our website.

20 December 2018