Case: O2-house

Have you heard about the O2-house? It is a remarkable building in the Norwegian town of Steinkjer where MicroShade was among the latest technologies applied to this mainly wooden structure - with the aim to create sustainable office building with superior indoor climate.

Proud of the new building, the owner O2-house, Steinkjerbygg, decided that - in the midst of the Corona pandemic - the ideal promotion would be to create a virtual event with the mayor of the municipality showcasing the uniqueness of the building and its technology. MicroShade was happy to take part in this online event, with our own section and the full event can be viewed here (in Norwegian).

Now, the O2-house stands completed, and the first tenants have moved in.


MicroShades partners were:
Glassbygg A/S (Supplyer of the façade), and
FuglesangDahl (Main contractor)

13 September 2021