5 more countries

Over the past six months MicroShade has seen significant growth in interest from new geographies as well as segments where new construction projects are choosing MicroShade as their solar shading solution.

Increased reach
In terms of geography the interest for MicroShade’s innovative solution is now reaching outside the Nordic countries and Germany which has so far been considered the ‘home market’. Lately, MicroShade is receiving more contacts and queries from other countries which so far has resulted in confirmed projects in Poland, Austria, Holland, Lithuania and also as far away as Australia.

Growing segments
The first-movers in adapting the MicroShade solution in large-scale projects have been commercial real estate companies and large corporates. However, as the technology and output is now proven through many cases across Northern Europe, relevant segments are beginning to show stronger interest in MicroShade products.

Among these segments are schools and other buildings for educational purposes. This is a very relevant area indeed, as the ability to receive learning decreases if students are in an environment, which is too hot.

In general, schools and universities are stepping up their efforts to provide the best possible surroundings for learning – while also having cost and sustainability in mind. This makes MicroShade an ideal match as the technology scores high in all parameters.

Several schools in the Nordic countries now have MicroShade installed and the latest projects which have signed up are; the Bergen University (Norway) and Via University College (Denmark).


Photo: Christian Doppler Gymnasium - Salzburg

25 October 2017